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Let’s Fight Ghost

I was pleasantly surprised by this drama. I thought this would be one of those dramas that start off really well and then suddenly plummet in a downward spiral, otherwise known as a K-drama rut. You know what I mean, that part of a drama between episodes 8-14 that seem to drag on for eternity with little to no development…

Well, this drama just blazed onward! It seamlessly combined comedy, horror, mystery and romance into an enjoyable manner. I really enjoyed the lead couple. I’m always a sucker for love lines where the leads initially hate each other but eventually fall in love! 😊

I’m not going to lie, some of those ghosts were pretty terrifying!! 😱 But I really appreciated Chun-Sang’s and In-Rang’s characters, as they added a much needed slap-stick humor to counter-balance all the creepiness. Overall, I really enjoyed this drama and would recommend it if you’re looking for a romantic-comedy with a paranormal twist.


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