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My Shy Boss

My Shy Boss was a drama that conceptually sounded interesting, but I hadn’t really heard much buzz about (except for DramaFever ads), so I didn’t dive with high expectations. But it turned out to be a relatively entertaining rom-com that, at the same time, touched on some pretty heavy topics such as depression and suicide. Β The plot surrounds a public relations company CEO named Eun Hwan Ki (Yeon Woo Jin), who is extremely timid and ironically scared of interacting with most people, and Chae Roo Won (Park Hye Soo), a former theater actress who seeks revenge on her late sister’s employer. The two begin working together in the project group, Silent Monster, where they begin to bond and realize that there is more to each other’s past than meets the eye.


Overall, I believe this drama did a great job in raising awareness for mental health and the pressure that is placed on Koreans to succeed, Β as well as to maintain appearances. Β I think Yeon Woo Jin and Park Hye Soo were adorkable had great chemistry together! It was interesting to see how their characters developed (especially Hwan Ki coming out of his shell) and how they were able to move forward in their relationship despite the tragedy regarding Ji Hye (Roo Won’s sister).

This drama also had plentiful quirky supporting characters that made the drama fun and dynamic.

P.S. Can we all just take a moment to admire how freaking squishy Hwan Ki is?!! He is the most adorable human ever! I love how he overthinks things and when he dances, lol!


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