Kpop Playlist Highlights: Summer Edition

Summer is one of the best times for Kpop releases and this year was no exception! There were so many awesome debuts and comebacks, that it was hard to narrow the list down. And although fall is right around the corner, you know these songs are still on repeat all day, every day! Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Love Me, Love Me- Winner

Winner has been on a roll lately with Fool, Really, Really and now Love Me, Love Me! This song just exudes beachy vibes and has an extremely catchy chorus. Keep it up Winner!

Energetic-Wanna One

I was so excited for Wanna One’s debut and they did not disappoint! This song is fun, high energy (as the title implies) and has awesome vocals! Definitely a summer jam!

As if it’s Your Last – Blackpink

This song is a bit of an older release but it’s still going strong! I love the diversity of vocal styles in this group and how they can make a cute yet powerful summer anthem. One of my favorite songs to (attempt to) sing along to!

1+1=0 – Suran feat. Dean

This song just screams summer getaway! It’s so chill and has all these tropical elements to it! And we can’t forget Dean, his voice is so dang smooth, like buttah!

Red Flavor-Red Velvet

Red Velvet just knows how to get a cutesy song right! It’s bright, bubbly and catchy without being too over the top. I love the fruity concept because of its originality and it’s just so refreshing!

Ko Ko Bop-EXO

This song is so different from anything EXO has released in the past! It’s very reggae and mellow yet still incorporates very EXO-ish traits with hype music breakdowns. A must listen!

That’s a wrap folks! Let me know if you have also been jamming to these songs all summer! Or if you have any music recommendations, please leave them in the comment section below!


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